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Dr. Daniel Marschalek on KOKO Radio

By Alex Greenwood, May 22, 2024


Dr. Marschalek with Woody Woods on KOKO radio.

When KOKO Radio in Warrensburg needed an expert to talk about the upcoming "cicadapocalypse," UCM's own Daniel Marschalek, Ph.D., associate professor and graduate program coordinator for biology, answered the call. Shown here, Dr. Marschalek--an entomologist--is interviewed by Marion "Woody" Woods about these fascinating little creatures.


During the interview, he explained that while there will be millions more cicadas in the US than usual this year, Warrensburg will likely be spared most of the onslaught. This will come as a relief to many in our community who have been concerned about the potential impact of this year's cicada emergence.


In addition to his KOKO Radio interview, Dr. Marschalek also shared his insights with the Warrensburg Star Journal. Stay tuned for that interview, coming soon.


It's moments like these that highlight the invaluable expertise of our faculty members. Thank you, Dr. Marschalek, for keeping our community informed and prepared!